Mines and minds and mimes (was Re: [thechat] IT is here!)

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Wed Dec 5 12:22:52 CST 2001


Now THAT is supposed to be a very cool place! ... Used to be THE place
to be ... (may still be)  ... if you were into O.R. ... [Operations
Research -- kind of the intersection of business and wierd math.]

There was this REALLY eccentric bad ass, Gene Woolsey, that used to be
there. [Ooops! Looks like he's still there! My bad!]  Great speaker,
fabulous writer, and probably the 'coolest' consultant of all time!  [He
was pretty much my 'geek hero'... I'm a big fan!]

I still have copies of every one of his "fifth column" articles I could
get my hands on.

Here's one I could find on line ... it's a pdf - but it's a good read
... the guy has a GREAT attitude and cuts to the heart of technical
problems without using technology:


Wish I could find an on-line copy of his article discussing the 'value
of life' ... which was needed as a variable for a fire appliance
dispatching model his team was working on ... it was hilarious! 

(... and the prestigious "Thunderbird" school isn't exactly a school for
winos either ...)

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Had a friend who, when we first met, mentioned attending the 'Colorado
School of Minds' which seemed, at least, unusual, and possibly even
arrogant. What a name! 'School of Minds' indeed!

He was a geologist. Y'know, folks who make  a professional study of
that's underground. Like, mines. And stuff.

I never said a word. Which makes me a mime, right? Coronado School of
Meets at the Coronado Brewing Company. They keep kicking us out for
too noisy.


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