I'm In Love with New Zealand [was: Re: [thechat] LOTR!]

Lauri Vain lauri_lists at tharapita.com
Fri Dec 21 01:57:07 CST 2001


> And I'm thinking,
> "I'm gonna go backpacking there someday."

Hey, that was my thought!! :)

NZ has one of the most beautiful and varied landscapes available in the world.

I'm a man, who just loves to throw the bag over my shoulder and "GO!" (that is,
when possible). I haven't had very much time recently to have such fun but I
usually make it to at least one longer hike per year and always have a blast.
This year we did 173 kilometers, walking from one end of our neighbouring
country, Latvia, to another. Those four days were a blast and I can't wait until
the next time when we have our friends together to do something like that!

> seemingly
> unspoilt southern island?? It'll take me a long time
> to get the air fair together, but I already have most
> of the backpacking gear.

There are two places on top of the list that I would very much like to visit on
foot... one of them is Central and Southern America where there are the ruins
left behind from the Inkas, Mayas, Aztecs and so on. That would be fun!
The other place I would very much like to go is... {drum} {drum} {drum}... Yeah,
you guessed it! It's NZ.

Terry, if you are looking for people to travel with to NZ, then I would highly
appreciate you sending me an e-mail when it's "go time".

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