I'm In Love with New Zealand [was: Re: [thechat] LOTR!]

Andrew Forsberg andrew at thepander.co.nz
Fri Dec 21 22:31:54 CST 2001

>So, any of you evolters down in NZ got any inside info or URLs on 
>backpacking on that unbelievably gorgeous and seemingly unspoilt 
>southern island?? It'll take me a long time to get the air fair 
>together, but I already have most of the backpacking gear.

My first reaction on hearing you talk about the 'unspoilt southern 
island' was to cringe. I gave it more thought today, and you're 
probably right: several areas of the south island are really lovely. 
Even in the north island (where you can actually get decent coffee (: 
) there are areas of bush & forest near fairly large cities that in 
all likelihood have never had a human walk through them.

I can recommend a truly excellent b&b in Sandspit, but I've a hunch 
you're thinking of heading *way* out country. The good news is that a 
high proportion of rural operators of small businesses in New Zealand 
are contactable by email, if not via a site. I must admit that the 
country isn't my bag, but my partner Vanessa is mad on horses. If 
you're interested in horse treks through fjords / forests / mountains 
/ wherever-else-horsey-people-go, then shout out and I'll get her to 
type up some recommendations and links to NZ horsey sites. (Keeping 
and buying a horse in NZ is *far* cheaper than almost anywhere in the 
western world, there is a very large community of horsey people here.)

One other thing: NZers are very different from Australians, who are 
exceedingly proud of their country. We have a long, suffering, 
history of culture-cringe. It has changed dramatically over the last 
10 years: Joe Blow is coming around to the idea that NZ can really 
benefit in terms of primary production and tourism by promoting an 
image of 1) organic produce, 2) nuclear free produce, 3) ecologically 
sound forestry, mining, and farming procedures.

Give a yell if you're passing through Auckland and I'll shout y'all 
manhattans &/or NZ red wine.


Andrew Forsberg
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