Kudos Ron! ... was - RE: [thechat] Jeopardy is tonight

Ben Dyer ben_dyer at imaginuity.com
Thu Jan 24 10:29:09 CST 2002

On 10:07 AM 1/24/2002, Luther, Ron said to me:
>  ... here I am living in a city full of them!

Heh, yeah, me too. :)

>I knew a polyglot was fluent in many languages ... but I just wasn't
>converting 'di' to two to 'bi' fast enough to answer the question ...
>and I was flummoxed enough to completely forget the significance of the
>quoted "B" in the category name ... so I can't give him any grief over
>that one.

I guess etymology is my thing.  For some reason I pick up on little things 
like that quickly.

>... but hey, if we want to rake him over the coals for the Bee Gees and
>Dr. Christian Barnaard question ...  I'm in!

But, this is why *I* can't go on Jeopardy, I would've been screwed in that 
entire category. :D

I'd get on and it'd be nothing but categories like "Danish Royal Lineage," 
"Samoan Flowers," "Fads from a Decade Ben Didn't Live Through" and "Stuff 
That Ben Forgot From High School."

...or worse, there'd be a category for "Internet Abbreviations" and I'd 
miss some...


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