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On 2002.02.10 21:08, isaac wrote:

> One day, you will see a Cathy Freeman interview, and I *guarantee* that you
> will cringe harder than you've ever cringed before. There are few more
> horrifying experiences.

Okay, I'll believe you.  I'm not surprised really.  Some world-class
athletes are really dense.  Especially football and hockey players.  Many of
the best hockey players barely finished High School and very few had to go
through the University systems to get to the NHL.

Some of our best Olympic athletes though are well educated and very
personable.  Something to do with all the public appearances.  But what does
that say about Cathy?  Maybe Track stars are dumb too?  ;-) Come to think of
it, many track stars are pretty selfish, self-serving, arrogant asses.


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