[thechat] Re: authenticity

rudy rudy937 at rogers.com
Mon Feb 18 09:41:01 CST 2002

>> we definitely need to do something about our terminology, though
> hmmm, remembering someone's words regarding
> some work they were going to do about ... ;)

well, i guess i deserve the dig

my intentions, while perhaps not clear to anyone other than myself, were
simply to clarify the one-to-many relationship between member and userid

a member can have multiple userids

the distinction is important because we are already well down the (wrong!)
path of associating author bios, pictures, aggregate ratings, et cetera, et
cetera, with a userid -- these things should be attached to the member
record instead

however, every time i want to start the discussion of member-versus-user, i
get hung up on the "what is a member" problem

which is where this thread is currently stuck

thanks, elfur, for your additional comments on thelist, and for directing
people to theforum

well, i guess since the above is all pretty serious, and since thechat is,
after all, the evolt list for offtopic stuff, then i guess i owe y'all an
off-offtopic tip here --

  All Your Base Are Belong To Us - 1.6 MB


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