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Hi Kristina

There are emigration companies out there who will arrange work
permits if you're emigrating to Canada (also Australia & NZ) - it's
something we looked at a few years ago.

The way Canada worked then (and probably still does, with some
minor tweaks) was a points system.

You got points on a sliding scale for:
* Having close relatives there
* Being young
* Being educated
* Being able to start a business employing Canadians (ie have to have
   capital to take with you)
* Being in a field with high demand (included IT then, but maybe not now)

Get enough points and you're past the 1st hurdle. Note that this isn't
the same as being a short-term economic migrant - this is emigration with
the intent of making it permanent.

You *then* have to find a job (or be in a position to employ Canadians) -
if you're job hunting, the local employer has to be able to show that they
couldn't find a Canadian to fill the job - before you get a work permit.

The agency we were talking to were pre-screening - if they accept you,
then you've got a 95% chance of getting the points total, and they would
do the job search on your behalf. Of course, this costs money...

These were the guys in question:


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Somebody mentioned that they had recently been to a
meeting where people were trying to encourage people from here to
emigrate to Canada.  I wasn't at the meeting and I need to find out a
bit more about what went on there.

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