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Luther, Ron Ron.Luther at COMPAQ.com
Mon Feb 18 10:42:05 CST 2002

Hi Kev,

Alas - I wasn't at the beervolt so I'm not completely sure of the
context... but I think the distinction becomes important when we get
into topics like "voting" and trying to determine who has rights to vote
and how to insure that they only vote once.  There may be some other
implications if/when evolt achieves NFP status.  {e.g. Suppose we had a
rule that said you could only hold one "office" at evolt - how would you
'enforce' that in a 'virtual environment'?}

[BTW - FWIW, I'm pretty sure you *are* a "member in good standing" ...]


(If the comments and the code disagree - both are probably wrong!)

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Could you just clarify what would be gained by becoming an evolt.org
I always presumed I was one because I am an (occasional) contributor to
evolt mailing List.

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