[thechat] Time for a change......Canada

Dean Mah dmah at shaw.ca
Thu Feb 21 18:55:10 CST 2002

kristina writes:

> Is canada heading for the same recession as USA?

Canada is greatly influenced by the USA.  Things are slow.  The dollar
is slumping.

> Do you recommend any other areas that is close to good
> skiing/snowboarding that maybe isn't quite as popular as Whistler.

Calgary is an option.  About an hour's drive from the Rocky Mountains
and Banff.  There's at least 4 good ski resorts in that area.
Calgary's close to places in BC and the US as well.  Alberta is one of
two richest provinces in Canada, Ontario being the other.  Calgary is
mainly an oil and gas based city but it's tech industry is growing.
I've never been freelance so I can't tell you about that but like
everywhere things have slowed down.  Check out sites like monster.ca
or workopolis.com.


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