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Fri Feb 22 00:03:00 CST 2002

On 2002.02.21 13:23, Dean Mah wrote:

> I've never been freelance so I can't tell you about that but like
> everywhere things have slowed down.  Check out sites like monster.ca
> or workopolis.com.

I'm working freelance in Calgary right now.  I've been on with an Ad agency
for almost two years now.  Things are slowing, but only because the company
I'm with got bought out by a giant sloth of a MEGA-american corporation.
Sad thing is this, when I asked why they thought they were doing well in the
Internet game (post dot.bomb) they replied thusly: "Because, we _get_ the

Fuck.  So, anyway, the city has lots of good stuff going on.  Close to the
Mountains, still has a small city charm... sort of... and my in-laws are
British Immigrants who came over in the 1970s during the tradesman boom.

There are more Brits over here than you can fathom.  But it's harder to get
in now than it's ever been.

Whistler/Vancouver is awesome too, but I don't know what the scene is like.
If I could get a steady job out there with great pay I'd think of moving,
but I'm not fond of 87 consecutive days of overcast and light to heavy rain.
(Read: Winter in Vancouver)



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