[thechat] good, no-spyware replacement for Napster?

Ben Dyer ben_dyer at imaginuity.com
Mon Mar 18 17:57:01 CST 2002

On 05:52 PM 3/18/2002, Shirley Kaiser, SKDesigns said to me:
>At 02:47 PM 3/18/2002, you typed:
>>I haven't used my 56k connection to dl anything
>>but the last time I did I used limewire. I've noticed
>>it hasn't come up yet in this conversation. Any reason
>>for that? If I go home tonight and fire up limewire
>>will I find the network gone?
>I've downloaded gnucleus, which I see has the limewire link within it.
>Maybe they're related, or at least gnucleus seems to be tapping into
>limewire? Not sure, as I've just briefly glanced through it.

If I remember correctly, Gnucleus, Limewire and I think Bearshare all use
the Gnutella "network."  It's just I protocol though (I think).  Completely
decentralized but sometimes/often (depends on who you ask) has file
transfer problems.


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