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Or alternatively...

When the ranchhands come up with a *different* way of doing
things and don't explain what the implications of that are, the
farmers get nervous. Ranchhands don't see how nervousness
causes problems in running the farm which is a collective of
farmers and ranchhands, and don't acknowledge that anything
other than milking the cows and repairing the fences is real work
anyway. Meanwhile, all ideas coming from non-ranchhands are
dismissed out of hand because non-ranchhands don't know what
kind of nail to use to repair the north fence on the big field by the

Meanwhile, the cows continue to produce milk because that's
what cows do.

Also just having fun.

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heh.. nice rudy! i've got one of my own :)

The evolt organization
You have two cows. Although there are lots of farmers, only a few
ranchhands actually milk the cows. When the ranchhands figure out a
better way to milk the cows, the farmers rant and rave against the new
ideas because they want to vote on the ideas first. In the meantime, the
cows continue to produce because the good work the ranchhands do.
When news of the fabulous milk soon spreads far and wide throughout the
land, [..to be continued]

just havin fun :)


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>>here are my entries for evolt --
>>  The evolt organization
>>   You have two cows.  You immediately form eight committees to
>>   decide how to milk the cows.  These committees are eventually
>>   abandoned when it is realized that only a few people actually feel
>>   actually getting up and actually milking the cows every day.

>> The evolt organization
>> You have two cows.  They produce fabulous milk, and you give it away.
>> People line up from all over the world to get evolt milk.  But somebody
>> has to pay to keep feeding the cows.  A hat is passed, and comes back
>> with seventeen dollars and four cents.  [ to be continued ... ]

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