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 From the mouths of babes.  Sorry E.  If the black helicopters swoop down
tonight, you'll know why.  Oooops.



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"George W. Bush is going to bankrupt us with his wars.

"He is a man who loves death, who loves wielding the sword, and feels
 as long as he's got that "Gott mit uns" engraving in his brain, all
 will be right.

"He is a man who has never had to live within a budget ever in his life.

"I feel like an exile in my own country.

"How can I be living in a place where George Bush is looked up to as a
 leader, and where Britney Spears is looked up to as a singer?"

 - E. Meyer in reference to the state of the world and this article:


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                  Feb. 11, 2002
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