[thechat] more asian spam

rudy r937 at interlog.com
Fri Mar 29 08:54:00 CST 2002

"blip" announces an alert

it's outlook express telling me that this particular email has an Activex
control that is not safe, so the page does not display as intended

a momentary distraction (i have to hit enter to clear the alert before i
can hit the delete button), and in that fraction of a second, the following
few lines of spam jump out at me -- they're at the top, so i can't miss

  ¡Ø If you recieve this e-mail, please click the rejection button.
  ¡Ø Because of operation error, this e-mail may be delivered.
  ¡Ø Please click the rejection button, and a measure suited to the
rejection will be done.
  ¡Ø º» ¸ÞÀÏÀº Á¤º¸Åë½Å¸Á ÀÌ¿ëÃËÁø ¹× Á¤º¸º¸È£ µî¿¡ °üÇÑ ¹ý·ü Á¦ 50Á¶¿¡
ÀÇ°ÅÇÑ [±¤°í]

the irony is overwhelming -- it's a dating service: http://www.neoever.com/

ironic, because little do they realize that a measure suited to my
rejection has already been done -- a couple of times

at least i think it's just a dating service -- there's absolutely no smut
on the home page, yet i get the distinct impression of romance...

i can't really tell, because it's all in korean

except for the logo in the top left, which features the tag line "pleasuer
of yoru life"

i'm sorry, but i find that funny

"yoru life"

the lady who runs our corner store is korean, and that's just how she
pronounces it, too

(i once told my boys toronto had a municipal bylaw that all corner stores
in the city had to be owned by koreans ... and they just about bought it,
based strictly on empirical evidence...)

yeah, so, anyway, i thought it was funny

sometimes it's fun to look at asian html, too

 for example,

    <table border='0' cellpadding='2' cellspacing='0' width='125'>
    <!------·Î±×ÀÎ ÆäÀÌÁö-------->
    <form name=login method=post action=../member/login_ok.nni
        onsubmit="return login_form(this.form);">

i wonder what the comment says?

boy, i'd sure hate it if i had to code html in korean, you can bet i'd
throw a lot more english comments into my code than i do now

and notice how they slipped the form tag betwixt the table and the tr

they probably have their own version of evolt, too, to keep track of stuff
like that

except it's probably called evorut



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