Boomhauer (was RE: [thechat] <KOTH>)

Joel Canfield Joel at
Fri Mar 29 09:01:01 CST 2002

>>Apropos of very little:
>>Boomhauer is one of the greatest animated characters ever.
>I love that character. I lmao when I meet someone who speaks
>the same way as he does...and I sometimes do (I live in Texas).

Ma buddy Mahk (that's 'Mike' in reglar English) was born in Oklahoma, but
raised in Texas. When I first heard Boomhauer I spit my beer 'cause I
thought they'd recorded Mike. After 10 years in SoCal, he speaks almost like
a native, but last time we went to Texas together, his drawl came back like
a light-switch as we crossed the state line. And every once in a while he
gets excited and slips back into Texan, and all I can do is shake my head in
wonder that he thinks he's speaking English)


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