[thechat] forgot to share this yesterday

javier velasco lists at mantruc.com
Tue Jul 30 08:28:00 CDT 2002

this is a very funky local newspaper that aimed for populese, they
always modify language by filling it with slang (those of you who know
spanish might be amazed asking "what kind of laguage it this?"), some of
our slang includes adopting english words.

yesterday there was a news article titled:

---Bencina se empina a 423 pesares o más por "fucking" dólar---


if it was transalted to english it would read something along the lines

-- Gasoline climbs up to 423 dolorums or more for the fault ot the
"puto" peso--

i don't know if this will make much sense to you, but it was very funny
to see an english 'naughty' word right there in a spanish newspaper,
only "La Cuarta" can get away with that


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