[thechat] California's latest 'car' trend

Luther, Ron Ron.Luther at hp.com
Tue Aug 13 10:33:38 CDT 2002

Hi Madhu,

There is a dealership not far from my house that sells those things.  I've been
driving past looking at them for months wondering who the hell they were intending
 to sell them to.

In a retirement community outside Galveston, or in FLA, I can see that they might
make sense.  It's kind of a neat 'family' golf cart.

But on the north side of Houston?  {insert "WTF?" hand gensture here}

They wouldn't be more than a speed bump under my son-in-law's dualie ...
and Hell, they ain't even four-wheel drive!
So they don't do the ranchers any good.

(They _do_ look kinda neat - but I'm just not getting the point.)

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Here comes the Segway for the family... sort of.

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