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Thu Sep 26 15:37:00 CDT 2002

Hugh Blair wrote:
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> > On Behalf Of javier velascohey evolters:
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> > my wife has recently won a Fulbright grant for a PhD in Conservation
> > Biology.
> FABULOUS. Congratulations to her.


> > I've recently read that to have a proper job in the US, one
> > requires to have a SSN, is this right? ho hard it os to obtain it?
> what
> > would i need to get one?
> Yes, you need one. Free. Check here:
> http://www.ssa.gov/online/ss-5.html

great, thanks

> > We still don't know our exact destination, but the
> > possibilities are San
> > Francisco, Seattle or Gainesville (FL). As soon as I know where I'll
> > land, i'll start reaserching for schools or potential
> > employers (or even before that)
> I'm sure if you want, many folks can give you opinions of any of these
> places. Or we could -not- bug you and let you do your own research.

I won't have much to say to choose the destination, I guess once I know
where to land i'll ask you to point me to companies.

> Will the place depend on her acceptance to a certain school?

Exactly, It will depend on her acceptance at scools, her GRE scores (not
done yet), and i think it will also depend on how many additiona
financial support the school can give her.
I belive the difficulty chain goes: Bereley > U of Washington > U of

At Florida she has a certain chance, the professor is very excited of
having her, and they have a special program for funding latin american
students. From my part, it's the smallest city, wich could be bad
because it should mean a smaller web market, but on the other hand i
think it's easier getting a job in a smaller city (less demand for

If we get to SF, I have more contacts there than in my own city!

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