[thechat] US criticised over Muslim checks

Drew Shiel ashiel at sportsinteraction.com
Fri Oct 4 04:42:09 CDT 2002

At 13:18 03/10/2002 -0500, Hugh Blair wrote:
>Wrong. There are agreements between many countries that allow
>the expulsion of a person to their native country if they
>have broken laws in their homeland, even if those laws aren't
>the same in the country being visited. Why shouldn't we
>respect your laws? Should you be able to break some law at
>your home, not get caught, travel to the US, and then if
>found, be able to stay here and escape your justice system?
>In general, I don't see this as a good thing. Why should I
>want you to stay here if you're a possible criminal? NOT.
>Go home. Face your justice system.

   This is not what I'm talking about. I'm talking about circumstances
where an event takes place in country X, with the main agent being a
citizen of country X.  This event is legal in country X, but illegal in the
US. When the agent enters the US, s/he is arrested.

   Offhand, I can point at one major example of this, and I'm fairly sure
that with minimal searching, I can find more.


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