[thechat] US criticised over Muslim checks

Syed Zeeshan Haider szh at softhome.net
Sat Oct 5 04:53:01 CDT 2002

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Subject: Re: [thechat] US criticised over Muslim checks

> My question is, what camera doesn't look like a "professional type" ...
> Journalists far from their base may not want to lug relatively bulky
> digibeta cams around when they can carry very small handheld Hi8 or DV cams,
> with an acceptable degradation of quality compared to 'traditional' pro-spec
> gear.

Camera that he used is commonly used by amateurs.

> And as Hugh pointed out, if it's a landmark (and anything called a Tower
> usually is due to the scale), it's fair game to be filmed.

Filming or photographing Saudi Pak Tower is not allowed by law without a
permission. That guy did not have any permission from authorities to film Saudi
Pak Tower.

> I took several
> photos of the Houses of Parliament in London last year, does that make me
> acceptable as a target by amateur homeland defence agents?

You are a British white guy (I have viewed your photo on your site). But if get
my beard grown long and wear an Arabic dress with a Muslim-cap on my head and
take photos of  Houses of Parliament in London, I will be suspicious for many
passing by people and most of them will feel fear because of me.

Syed Zeeshan Haider.

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