[thechat] Calling All Audiophiles

Ken Kogler ken.kogler at curf.edu
Sun Oct 6 14:23:01 CDT 2002

> tiny satellite speakers (as long as they're *additional*
> to your main ones) have a lot going for them

I'm not arguing against tweeters at all -- I'm just saying I don't want
a system like this one:
ry=16&maincategory=3, which appears to be the standard computer speaker
setup these days.

> > I was thinking more along the lines of buying two near-field studio
> > monitors and a stereo amp...

> Sub-woofer. Alternatively, if your system has stereo outs,
> why not get a *real* set of speakers (2 or 3 way crossover)
> from your local hi-fi dealer..

Yeah, I agree that a sub is very important. A 2.1 system would be ideal
for this setup, but the cost becomes the limiting factor.

And my local hi-fi dealer BLOWS. "Oh, you want quality? Bose is the way
to go." I'm not saying Bose is bad, I'm just saying that Bose is their
answer to everything... "Pro audio" my ass.

There's gotta be a better place around here.

Still researching...


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