[thechat] US Elections

Chris Marsh chris at webbtech.co.uk
Wed Nov 6 14:11:00 CST 2002


> > I'd like to apologize to the rest of the world for the
> danger that is
> > about to flow from the US now that the Republinazis have complete
> > control of the government. Our foreign policy will now be extremely
> > aggressive and you can bet Iraq will be attacked in the
> Spring. If you
> > thought the US was a bully in the past, you ain't seen nothing yet.
> > Time to go dig a bunker.
> Isn't the result telling us something about the general
> opinion of American people about aggression against Iraq?

So that would be like the average Afghan's attitude of support for the
Taliban, would it? Or perhaps universal German support for Hitler's
genocidal policies during WWII?


Chris Marsh

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