[thechat] US Elections. Today I am pissed.

Joe Crawford joe at artlung.com
Wed Nov 6 15:15:00 CST 2002

(I just posted this to another list, and it sums up how I feel today
pretty well. As always, I have more of a meta-opinion than an opinion)

Point of order:

What percentage of eligible (registered and unregistered)  voters
actually voted in this election? Anyone have a good source on voter
turnout nationwide?

Is it still like 1 in 3 people eligible who vote?

I make no presumptions about what the outcome of the election would be
if we had an actual majority of the nation deciding who should represent
them to make important decisions - but it does anger me to think that
there are important issues to be decided in this country, and people are
largely anesthetized against giving a shit, evidenced by the fact that
people abrogate a the civil right to vote ... when people have died to
give them that right.

Those who claim that the national mood and opinion is one thing or
another based on this election are full of beans. I think the nation is
asleep -- and islamic terrorism, terrible schools, corporate/government
corruption -- none of these appear to have woken the nation up.

For me, I'm awake and voting.

I'm not disappointed by the results of the election. I'm disappointed in
my fellow "citizens."

	- Joe
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