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William Anderson neuro at well.com
Mon Nov 11 02:05:01 CST 2002

Madhu Menon wrote:
> No, it's not cricket help I seek, but the American pastime of bowling,
> which is now becoming wildly popular here.
> See, I've bowled maybe twice in my life, and I suck at it. One of my
> friends, who generally kicks arse, has invited me to a friendly bowling
> match (game?) with a couple of other friends this evening.
> Now I hate losing. Could you American mates give me some pointers on how
> to get good scores in bowling? For reference, I have a relatively small
> hand with relatively fatter fingers, and I usually use a size 11 bowling
> ball.

- use middle two fingers in the two adjacent holes, and your thumb in
  the single hole

- try different sized balls until you find one size you're comfortable
  with (I bowl with a 14) - the bigger balls tend to have larger finger
  holes, but some alleys stock bowling balls with oversized holes

- swing the ball towards the pins with a smooth straight action, with your
  knuckles pointing away from the pins

- use the arrows on the lane to help you line up your shot as you walk
  it through

- release the ball as close and as fast to the ground as you can,
  following through with your arm, trying not to twist your arm or wrist,
  and still keeping the knuckles pointing away from the pins

- don't cross the line entering the lane - professional players (and anal
  amateurs) will cite the full ruleset and foul you, robbing you of your
  score in that frame

- listen to david re: drinking - it helps numb your arm and fingers up
  during play - i often find my thumb getting sore during bowling, and
  the little fans at the end of the ball return holder doesn't always
  do the trick in cooling the old thumb off ...

I don't consider myself especially good at the game, and routinely trundle
out 80-150 games, so don't necessarily take this advice as *good* advice :)

Some web links (this *is* thechat after all):

 - http://www.superbowl.com.sg/bowl_tips.htm
 - http://www.angelfire.com/yt/bowlingtips/
 - http://www.elknet.net/dlamato/bowling1.htm
   (the good content on this page almost excuses the midi burbling away)

oh, and don't fuck with the jesus :)

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