[thechat] Bowling tips

David Wagner dave at worlddomination.net
Mon Nov 11 02:21:00 CST 2002

Madhu wrote:

> Thanks for all the help.
> OK, so how do I get the ball to go in a straight line. It never seems to
> in the direction I want.

Okay, since I'm still up, I'll offer what advice I can, by way of apology.

For tonight's purposes, let's assume you're right handed -- just reverse it
if you're not. Here's a few of the important points:

- Take four steps up to the line, starting with your left foot. That means
that your right foot will be stepping forward as you're releasing the ball
from your right hand.

- Keep your thumb toward you the entire time, and follow through as you
release the ball. Think of it as putting your thumb on your nose as part of
the release.

- Keep your eyes on the arrows in the lane, not on the pins. Try to aim the
ball in the vicinity of the arrows one notch to the right of center.

- Don't aim for the center pin -- aim for the "pocket", the space between
the center pin and the one to the right of it. That's *your* right,

- The four steps that you take are really part of a whole four-step release,
which I can't illustrate very well here, especially since I'm tired.
Basically, with your first step, you're pushing the ball out in front of
you, holding it with both hands and slightly to your right side. Second
step, let it swing out of your left hand, and all the way to your hip. Third
step, begin to lower your body slightly (bending your knees more than your
waist) and the ball will swing behind you. Fourth step, work with the
momentum of the ball as it swings forward and release it into the lane. This
will always end up being somewhere between a "roll" and a "throw", but as
you practice, it'll start to feel like a very fast roll, from up in the air.
There's a subtle difference, but it's tough to explain.

That's all of the truly useful stuff that comes to mind right now --
everything else is just a matter of getting a feel for it.

Best of luck!


David Wagner
dave at worlddomination.net

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