[thechat] Audio Ripping from LPs Question

Luther, Ron Ron.Luther at hp.com
Mon Nov 11 09:16:00 CST 2002

Thanks Guys!!

Tony - "Bingo". The LP ripping software links look like exactly
what I was after - big thanks!

Rudmeister and others - (1) I have a 'decent enough' deck ... it's
old - but it's an old Phase Linear linear tracking deck with a high
output moving coil cartridge.  The original MSRP was probably over a
grand. It should be good enough.  (2) Some anal guy even made sure
he didn't play the same song or side too many times in a row to heat
up and warp the tracks ... most of the vinyl is pristine. {And after
seeing some resale shop prices on similar titles in worse condition,
YOW!, that may be a very good thing!}

David - Interesting perspective!  [About <mumble-mumble> years
ago, I helped a friend build a recording studio, laying acoustical
tile, installing the 8-track {2 inch wide reel-to-reel} recording
deck.  (He bought a used one out of an old disco studio for $8,000.
[At that time they ran about $14,000.] The neighbor rebuilt it and
we had the heads 'lapped'.) We even had a 'lacquer cutter' machine.
Great fun.]  I haven't been in a studio since then ... might be
neat.  But I'm WAY worried about the price! Many years ago "mixing
time" was $90 an hour ... I'm not willing to pay anywhere near that
to take my vinyl collection to CD.



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