[thechat] Intercourse 'cider-volt'?

deke web at master.gen.in.us
Fri Nov 15 20:14:01 CST 2002

On 15 Nov 2002 at 11:22, Luther, Ron posted a message which said:

> I'll be over around Gettysburg the first part of the week ... and
> I'm sure I'll manage to stop by the winery in Intercourse, PA. I
> seem to remember that we have someone on the list from thereabouts
> so I might be able to say "Hi".

Winery in Intercourse? I suspect you'll have to look a *long* time to
find it. There's one in Mount Hope...

I'm in Lancaster. If there's anyone else in the area, we can *all* get

> The rest of the week I'll be up in tropical Cleveland, Ohio (Casaba
> capital of the Midwest) basking in the sunshine, palm trees, and warm
> evening breezes ... if anyone wants to stop in the Flats for a drop.

I heard about a guy on Middle Bass Island who stepped on a Casaba
grape. It tried to have courage, but it gave out a little wine.


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