[thechat] Spam Phone Calls

Syed Zeeshan Haider szh at softhome.net
Sat Nov 16 13:27:01 CST 2002

Hello Everybody,
Today, I downloaded an mp3 file. It is a comedy based on Talibaan and Osama bin
Laden. In this sound clip, an agent of FBI, Johnson, calls to Talibaan and
demands the hand over of Osama. When Talibaan refuse to do so and tell FBI about
their ability to fight with anti-aircraft, anti-tank guns, FBI agent says, "But
you don't have Answering Machine". Talibaan exclaim with surprise, "What is an
Answering Machine?". After Johnson hangs up the phone, Talibaan begin to receive
phone calls in which callers try to advertise their products. Those phone calls
were very similar to spam e-mails, that's why I would like to name them Spam
Phone Calls.
Do these Spam Phone Calls really exist in your country (specially USA)?
If they do then:
Are the answering machines only remedy of such calls?
Are there any laws to prevent such calls?


Can you recognize above mentioned piece of comedy and tell the name of

Thank you,
Syed Zeeshan Haider.

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