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Erika Meyer emeyer at lclark.edu
Mon Dec 2 11:49:00 CST 2002


>Erika :
>I have been following this thread, and to be honest I am very confused....
>I dont mean to be rude or maybe I am just unable to place myself in your


>Corporal punishment in schools is very common in india (at least 10 years
>back, that is). Am I scarred mentally because of that ? No.

Children have different personalities and respond differently to
these things.  Also, punishment is meted out upon the powerless at
the discretion of the powerful.  Everyone's experiences differ based
on a variety of factors.  Corporal punishment is bad but mental abuse
is worse.  Also, manipulation and brainwashing tends to be resented.
You can't measure these things.

(BTW is corporal punishment something traditional for India, or was
it a gift from the British?)

>I heard government welfare mentioned- where I live and where I have
>lived there is no concept of government welfare there is a loose concept of
>"government".  Do i attempt to blow my head off or drown myself in booze
>because of that?  I dont, I get on with my life.

So you have known hunger?  You have had your child crying to you
because you are not there for her?

I have heard people tell stories of beggars on the street in India
holding dead or dying children in their arms.  This is something we
should strive for?  Well, we can be proud: we're getting closer by
the day.

You want to know what hurts more than economic want?  It is the
destruction of the family.  US government has actively interfered in
family life, trying to get everyone to fit the model nuclear family
which ain't that great anyway.

Almost every other culture is far more family oriented.  We are
rugged individualists.

My daughter's father's people essentially live a 3rd world life and I
agree, as a whole they laugh and seem to be very happy, if you look
past the alcoholism and early death by car accidents, etc.

>Believe me when i tell you, I am a very happy person with whatever i have
>and the people that  i am around, and because of that I really feel for you.

That may well be your temperament. There are a lot of factors at work
that determine whether one is happy or not.

>I know a lot of people like myself, but whose problems of a much
>greater magnitude, yet they are happy.

I don't know I try not to go around comparing my problems to the
problems of others.  It's a fruitless endeavor.

>I have a friend who has a serious corneal defect which means he could lose
>vision within the next 10 years.

I have a friend with a similar problem.

>Of course, rectifying the problem is financially not viable for him.
>This guy is one of the happiest people i know of, hes happy that he can at
>least see for now...

You know there's another thing too.  Maybe you have this experience as well.

You know that your country is spending billions upon billions to kick
the shit out of smaller nations in order to steal their natural
resources.  You can do nothing about it.  You know that by
contributing to the economic system you are keeping yourself alive,
but you are also contributing to this pillage and destruction.

You know that first rate health care, housing, etc, is available,
just not available to YOU.  The TV portrays a world that seems
completely foreign, yet you are told *this* is reality.

Happiness/unhappiness may be a simple decision, it is probably
related to a spiritual peace.  I can't really be at peace right now
for a variety of reasons.  I suffer when I see others suffer.

I do understand how very deeply spiritual people can take a long long
view and thereby allow themselves to live in the moment.  It is
difficult for me to live in the moment at this time as I find myself
constantly wondering when will I run out of money and worrying about
wars and my child who is struggling and I'm not able to be there.

But this too shall pass.

Be thankful that you can be happy regardless of your situation.  It's
a very healthy thing.



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