[thechat] The youth today...

mia mia at odconsultancy.com
Tue Dec 3 07:01:00 CST 2002

Paul wrote:

> There's a busker who plays the bagpipes (badly) outside
> Flinders Street
> Station, the main rail hub of Melbourne, most days.
> Some days he's in a wheelchair; some days he ain't. I mean, I
> know there's
> a lot of people who don't need wheelchairs all the time, but trust me,
> this guy looks fine when he isn't in it. I think he just
> wakes up in the
> morning and goes "Today, I think I'll have....... no wheelchair!"

I was always suss about him until I read an interview with him in one of
the papers where he said that whatever condition he has varies from day
to day so he doesn't always need the wheelchair.  Apparently he's had
some surgery with the money he's made busking and since then he only
needs it when he's tired.

I'm not sure you can talk about him without mentioning his long,
flowing, Kenny G-worthy mullet, but maybe he's changed his hair since I
was in Melbourne.

cheers, Mia
(Of all topics, I had to pick this one to de-lurk!)

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