[thechat] Gee, that time again...

Erika Meyer emeyer at lclark.edu
Fri Dec 6 12:32:01 CST 2002

Martin may have said something about:
>The official line is "We don't do staff Christmas
>parties because we're a multi-cultural organisation and not everyone
>celebrates Christmas"
>Everyone I've talked to interprets this as "We're too stingy to spend
>the money"

Absolutely.  Total uncreative bullshit.  I have not met anyone in any
culture who doesn't like parties and gifts just because they might
not happen to be Christian!  Christmas is not IMO a Christian holiday
unless you make it so.  I think the best research shows that
Christmas festivities predate Christ, probably by a long stretch of

Christmas is a winter festival for northern latitudes. A festival of
light.  It's solstice. The winter's just kicking in, but the days
*are* going to get longer.  Winter can be dismal.  You need a party,
you need something to celebrate... and food.  Rich spicy salty sweet
delicious food.  Because food is good and it keeps you warm.  And
spirits.  And magic... the magic part is for the children, especially.

For those of Christmas-whiners, sheesh.  The reason the same movies
get shown (other than for people who like the comfort of nostalgia
and sameness) is that there are, in fact, people who continue to
propagate the species (much as it galls you, no doubt...) and there
is a whole upcoming generation of people who have not seen these

Are you saying "Miracle on 34th Street" is worse than "Blind Date?"
Sure, I'd rather watch "Blind Date" or even "Friends," but I have a
six year old in the house.

TV sucks anyway.  You can get a DVD player for 60 bucks at circuit
city.com and I hear you can download free movies on the Internet.

of course, you probably have cable or something, which means that the
cheesy classic movies are indeed shown ceaselessly.  Again, you can
get a DVD player for same price you'd pay for a month of basic cable
in Portland.



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