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Judah McAuley judah at wiredotter.com
Mon Feb 17 21:34:00 CST 2003

Erika Meyer wrote:
> A local could probably tell you more and I've never set foot in a
> strip club in my life (yet) but having lived in Vegas (and run into a
> few 'bodacious ta ta's' contests), Portland strikes me as being as
> sexy as Vegas but more down-to-earth, less plastic.
> They will tell you there are more strip clubs per capita here than
> anywhere else... I'm not saying the strippers are "better" (I
> wouldn't know and guess it's a matter of taste) but that everything
> pretty open...  Sex work is maybe slightly more acceptable here than
> many places.  Actually, it's probably one of the few viable
> industries left these days.
> Portland is just a sexually open city, in many ways.  Strip clubs go
> full-nude.  They aren't zoned into sleazy neighborhoods...  just
> scattered throughout the city.
> It's probably a port-town thing.
> E

I haven't been to many strip clubs, but there is one great place in
Portland called Mary's.  It's been around as a strip club since about
1965 I think and as a restraunt/bar prior to that.  It's woman owned/run
  as the current owner inherited it from her dad.  My mother used to
work there until she became too pregnant with me to keep working there.
  It's a tiny place (about 20 feet from stage to back wall and maybe a
100-150 feet wide).  I've seen larger living rooms.  The people are
really friendly and the atmosphere is more like a neighborhood bar than
a strip club.  They have 3 dancers on each evening that rotate through
and choose their own music from a jukebox.

I think the music is the best part of the place.  I went there on the
7th for my sisters birthday and she wandered up to the bar and was
chatting with one of the girls.  My sister happened to be wearing a
Muppet t-shirt that had a picture of Vincent Price and Kermit both with
fangs.  The stripper really liked the shirt and told my sister she had
to wait around until her set came up again because she had a special
song for her.  The set finally came around and she did this great
routine to the Manamana song.  It was fantastic.  Then she had a really
old Michael Jackson song that I don't remember and then finished up with
the Lounge Against the Machine version of Keep'em Seperated (originally
Come Out and Play by the Offspring).  Things I never expected to see
someone stripping to.  I asked if she did Rainbow Connection but she
said that would just be wrong.

Only thing I don't like about Mary's is that its a smoking
establishment.  After living in non-smoking Eugene for awhile smoke can
really get to me.


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