[thechat] "Psychic" on CNN

Madhu Menon webguru at vsnl.net
Sun Mar 2 03:42:00 CST 2003

So I switch to CNN while channel-surfing the other day. Hey, Larry King is
on. And who's this fella he's got on? Apparently, his name is John Edwards,
and he seems to be some... gasp... psychic dude who communicates with the
dead. On CNN?

There he was, taking calls from people wanting to contact their dead
fathers, mothers, and other relatives. And there's Edwards, using all the
tricks in the cold reading manual to put them in touch with all kinds of
people they never asked about. There he was, getting answers from the
callers instead of supplying them himself ("I'm getting someone whose name
starts with 'J'. Anyone in your family passed over and his or her name
starts with J?") and skillfully glossing over his misses by changing the
topic. (Edwards: "She says don't worry about the china and the glasses".
Caller: "I don't know what that means". Edwards: "I think then it's just
someone else in the studio I'm reading.")

To a skeptic, it was all clear as day.

What wasn't clear, however, is how this crap makes it to bloody CNN. Is
this just a freak Larry King show or does he do it regularly?


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