[thechat] finally, a rational response

Judah McAuley judah at wiredotter.com
Tue Mar 18 18:48:51 CST 2003

Erika Meyer wrote:
> I'm not a dope-grower, but if I were, I'd create a new variety... and 
> I'd call it  "Orange Alert."  yep.  There'd be Panama Red, Maui Wowie, 
> Humboldt Gold, Trinity Trainwreck... and Ashcroft Orange Alert.  

I like Orange Alert.  Perhaps a Sativa strain crossed with Grapefruit or 

BTW, Trinity and Trainwreck are usually two seperate strains.  At least 
up here.  Regional variation may apply.

>And I'd 
> take some over to my ceramicist friend's house, and I would trade it for 
> a Bush and Asscroft bong.  Because he made this really cool Beavis and 
> Butthead bong, so I know he could do it.

To quote Dennis Leary: "That guys head would make an excellent bong!"


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