[thechat] what the f**k is Islam?

Bob Haroche spambait at onpointsolutions.com
Sun Mar 30 09:36:18 CST 2003

Erik wrote:

> Think about it: the problems we struggle with in our Western world:
> law, abortion, taxes, education ... on and on ... they are all
> encompassed and defined by the Koran.

I know Jews/Christians/Buddhists who all say the same thing about
Judaism/Christianity/Buddhism encompassing all facets of human existence.

>Western mindset most of us have grown up with makes it hard to
>understand viewpoints which are different than "ours".

I agree. But I'd also point out that the Eastern mindset has a hell of a
time understanding the Western mindset. It's simply a matter of cultural,
cognitive dissonance. We view, filter and attempt to comprehend the world
through the lens we acquire through our own respective cultures --
regardless of where that culture happens to be located geographically on the

> Wouldn't it be beautiful if all of Mankind lived by the same set of
> rules? This is what Mohammed strived for. Yes, he was a violent
> warrior, but he lived in a time of war.

No, it wouldn't be beautiful.  The only time a culture lives "by the same
set of rules" is when they're imposed by force and terror.

Would you suggest that it would be beautiful if we all lived by the same
democratic, capitalist rules? Like America is *purportedly* attempting to
bring to Iraq. Sure it's doing it through war, but "[we] live in a time of

The only way mankind is going to live harmoniously is for each of us to find
acceptance and tolerance of others in our own hearts, regardless of whether
their "set of rules" accord with our own. The historical track record is not
good that any religion, dogma, or other unified set of beliefs is going to
free us from the cycle of violence. It's a huge misconception to think that
"if we could only get others to think like us, then there'd be no problems."
Didn't work with the crusades, the Inquisition, communist re-education
camps, nor I suspect will it work with the American bombs currently raining
down on Baghdad.

Bob Haroche
O n P o i n t  S o l u t i o n s

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