[thechat] weird mail hiccup

javier velasco lists at mantruc.com
Thu Apr 3 07:57:53 CST 2003

Hi David:

Judah's trick worked perfectly for me (copied below).

David Wagner wrote:

>javier wrote:
>>this morning I saw the strangest thing happen in my mail client
>>(mozilla), I downloaded last night's mails... initially, I only recieved
>>half of them (i knew some were missing since i send things to myself
>>from home to work via mail).
>>when I downloaded the rest, they came in all scrambled, the message body
>>did not match the subject and sender, some messages were concatenated (a
>>la digest) including contents from different lists into a single message
>>body, and other messages came in blank.
>>anyone have a clue about what happened?
>>can it happen again?
>This happened to me often enough last year (4 or 5 times) that I stopped
>using Moz for mail. Couldn't find any solutions. I suspect it's some sort of
>local file corruption, or a weird memory/drive space issue.
>So... yes, it's happened to me. Yes, it will probably happen again. No, I
>don't have any useful advice. :)

Judah McAuley wrote:

> Shut down Mozilla, back up those files and then delete the .msf file 
> of the mailbox you want to rebuild.  Start Mozilla up again and go 
> into mail.  It should rebuild the index from the contents of the mail 
> file and all should be well. 

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