[thechat] Mac new stuff

Lachlan Cannon lach at illuminosity.net
Tue Jun 24 22:00:52 CDT 2003

Martin Burns wrote:
> ...so, any non-current Mac users tempted to switch with all the stuff 
> announced yesterday?

Well, they certainly look nice. And it would be tempting to switch over, 
if I had a spare $3000 USD ($4500 AUD) lying around....

*snorts of laughter*

Seriously though, reading the write-up on Wired, it seemed like they're 
bullshiting with a lot of their stuff. If they're comparing with the 
fastest pcs then why are they using the crappy Xeons rather than the 
brand-new P4 3.2 GHz? Crappy Xeons whose arse are kicked by Opterons, 
which will be released for consumers in the form of Athlon 64s fairly 
soon too. Not to mention the fast Intel machines that will be out equal 
with / shortly after these Macs.

Still, it's nice to see Macs finally get a decent speed.
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