[thechat] S A T Movies

Ashok Hariharan listman at hazard0us.org
Tue Jul 8 01:37:13 CDT 2003

>But Ooooo ... thread warping into an old sci-fi 
>"B" movie theme! ;-)  Cool!

My personal all-time favourite is one called 
"Damnation Alley"-- it had this really terrible 
actor called jan-michael vincent,some of the 
"breath-taking" special effects included a really
cool looking truck and a  scene where mutant 
cockroaches eat a human being alive....

"Razorback" - I think this was an australian movie
(Ok, not true science fiction, but monster movies
do qualify, I guess?)
and the concept is similar to "Jaws" except instead
of a great white shark there is a killer pig on the 
loose.  They probably had a special effects budget of 
50 cents (Australian) because razorback turned out 
to be a giant-painted-fibre-glass pig on wheels....
(I can't remember a single scene from Dancing With 
Wolves, but I remember graphic scenes from this movie
which I saw around the same time as DWW...guess it 
says a lot about my taste :) )

"Death racer 2000" or "Death road 2000" ( I cant quite
remember the name....) -- they had these weird looking
cars with plywood ornaments posing as futuristic 
automobiles... the best part was the carmageddonesque 
story-line - you've gotta run-over old people and little
kids to win the race...., and of course lets not forget 
the hero of the movie - david carradine!
(I remember getting into serious trouble when my 
parents caught me watching this shit....)


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