[thechat] S A T Movies

Paul Cowan evolt at funkwit.com
Tue Jul 8 01:46:26 CDT 2003

Ashok wrote:
> "Death racer 2000" or "Death road 2000" ( I cant quite
> remember the name....) 

"Death Race 2000". A classic.

> the best part was the carmageddonesque 
> story-line - you've gotta run-over old people and little
> kids to win the race...., 

(paraphrasing here, it's been a LONG time):

"Well, it's been ruled that (so and so)'s running over the event
 judges does count for full points!"
"You know what this means, Bob... race officials all over the
 country will be dropping like flies!"

> and of course lets not forget 
> the hero of the movie - david carradine!

And Sylvester Stallone as the bad guy...


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