[thechat] S A T Movies

Luther, Ron ron.luther at hp.com
Tue Jul 8 07:01:48 CDT 2003

Ashok Hariharan reminded us of:

>>"Death racer 2000" or "Death road 2000" 
>>... the best part was the carmageddonesque 
>>story-line - you've gotta run-over old people and little
>>kids to win the race...., and of course lets not forget 
>>the hero of the movie - david carradine!

Hi Ashok!

<Ron brings out another skeleton from his closet ... boy! it sure is 
crowded in there! /> I hesitated to bring it up yesterday, but yes, I 
really liked 'Death Race 2000'.  [Of course, I was actively involved in 
competitive road rallye activities at the time ... so my interest in the 
movie and "scoring points" made my navigator a little bit nervous.]   ;-)

For me the best part was the 'good-guy' David Carradine beating the snot 
out of the 'bad-guy' Sylvester Stallone.  [Can any film where Stallone 
gets whupped up on be all *that* bad?]
It's a 'campy funny' flick.  There is a 'Howard Cosell' type sportscaster 
calling the action in the race ... along with a youthful sidekick and 
woman, (I think her character's name was 'Grace Pander'), doing the 'human 
interest' -- like interviewing the surviving members of the first "score"s 
family ... and presenting them with the prizes they have won with that 

There were some good lines in the flick.  One of my favorites was Stallone 
turning to his gf/navigator and saying "Some people may think you're cute, 
babe, but to me ... you're one very large baked potato!"  {You have to do 
that in a Stallone voice.} Boy! They just don't write like that anymore! 
<sarcasm />

(Who has this one on a bootleg VHS he needs to watch again soon.)

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