Curta - Was: Re: [thechat] S A T Movies

Bob Davis bob at
Tue Jul 8 07:39:29 CDT 2003

On Tuesday, July 8, 2003, at 07:01 AM, Luther, Ron wrote:

> Of course, I was actively involved in
> competitive road rallye activities at the time ... so my interest in 
> the
> movie and "scoring points" made my navigator a little bit nervous.

Ahhhh....TSD rally. Very fun. I did a lot of that in New England. Dirt 
logging roads add an element of adventure to the whole does 
ice and snow.

Ron - I'm guessing that one of the following is true -

[1] you own a Curta

[2] you don't have one, but you do know how to use a Curta.

You just strike me as  a guy who would.

That, and I'm reading Pattern Recognition by William Gibson, which 
mentions Curtas, though briefly, so they're on the mind.


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