[thechat] Attending EUvolt: bringing any toys?

Ashok Hariharan listman at hazard0us.org
Wed Jul 16 09:26:21 CDT 2003

>Here in India, its $4 for withdrawals and $1 for 
>balance enquiry. That's steep for us poor 
>3rd worlders. ;)

The global rule seems to be: 
the more third world the country, the higher the 
ATM usage fees....

StanChart/Barclays in Kenya charges 33cents for 
every ATM usage (even if you just put the card 
and take it out...) and thats just for 
Stanchart customers... 

and if your account balance falls below a 
certain high watermark figure they fine you $8 
every month.  Probably the only banks on the 
planet where your balance keeps going down 
every month despite no withdrawals...!

I've gotten used to packing a bundle of notes in 
my shoe -- its way safer than the bank in


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