[thechat] More Segway madness.

Chris Marsh chris at ecleanuk.com
Wed Jul 30 05:51:26 CDT 2003


> you can have your Zed and your Pig

What is a "Z" or "Zed"? Are you referring to a Z series Kawasaki (Z1 in
preference, obviously)?

> a real man drives a human powered vehicle

A real man rides a plastic-clad crotch-rocket, digging the acceleration
far more than the [in most cases] theoretical top end. All things
considered an R1 would do it for me, although I have to currently make
do with a ZZR600. A Harley is kinda okay for a second bike if you're
somehow allergic to Triumph and can't stomach Nipponese technology
between your legs. If you absolutely positively must go with Harley
Davidson though, Buell is definitely the way to go.


Chris Marsh

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