TOYZ ... wuz - RE: [thechat] More Segway madness.

Luther, Ron ron.luther at
Wed Jul 30 08:14:53 CDT 2003

Chris Marsh suggested:

>>A real man rides a plastic-clad crotch-rocket, digging the acceleration
>>far more than the [in most cases] theoretical top end. 
>>A Harley is kinda okay for a second bike if you're somehow allergic to Triumph 

Hi Chris,

The suicide machines are cool ... but I'm kinda old and the back isn't always 
a happy camper these days.  Besides, who wants to see an old graying guy in one 
of those funky "power ranger" jackets?  ;-P

Personally, I've always preferred the British bikes; the old Triumph 650 
Bonneville was _my_ idea of a pretty bike, and I always had a fondness for the 
Norton Commando. (I never cared for HD much, but I've been hearing they are 
very comfy.) There is a new bike, (it may be that HD "V-rod" thing), that looks 
really cool - there are a few here at the office ... {Heck, I stared at one for 
a while trying to figure out where the damn gas cap was!} ... but I'm kinda 
guessing that's more $$ than I would want to pay.

At this point I'm probably just pulling my wife's chain, (the 'Z' I was 
talking about was the Nissan 350Z, BTW), but I *am* thinking of treating myself 
to some kind of 'toy' next year ... and I'd kinda like to max-out the smiles/$ 

I'm not sure what it will be. I've never had "a cool car" ... but I don't really 
want to piss away that kind of cash. Unless maybe something like a dented up 
primer colored Sunbeam Tiger would count as 'cool'!  ;-) Heh!

I probably wouldn't get enough use out of jet ski unless we got a lake house ... 
and I'm not into those '4 wheelers' buggers.

Ho Hum ... Oh well, maybe I'll just get a nice new hot tub and a case of fine wine.

(Who notes again that Houston is *not* "bicycle-friendly".  I've talked with 
at least 3 'Bubba's who have gotten very big smiles talking about getting 
their one-ton Dodge dualies (Diesel "Humming Cummins" engines running straight 
exhaust pipes) in front of "them damn bi-sicle nuts", manually dropping the 
tranny into 5th, and stomping the go-pedal to cover the sweaty cyclist in a 
nice mist of black soot! .... Ayup, Welcome to Houston!)

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