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Chris Marsh chris at
Wed Jul 30 08:48:45 CDT 2003


> >>A real man rides a plastic-clad crotch-rocket, digging the 
> >>acceleration far more than the [in most cases] theoretical 
> top end. A 
> >>Harley is kinda okay for a second bike if you're somehow 
> allergic to 
> >>Triumph
> The suicide machines are cool ... but I'm kinda old and the 
> back isn't always 
> a happy camper these days.

Yeah, I have to confess that the riding position isn't the best for
anyone's back regardless of age. The ZZR that I have isn't too bad,
though. You can quite comfortably sit up reasonably straight (at lower
speeds), or scoot your butt backwards and drop your elbows for some
better aerodynamics. The problem with this for me is that although only
in my early thirties, I have tired of biking as a day-to-day endeavour
and now pursue it only as a hobby. Thus I don't want a "compromise" bike
or sports-tourer. Since I don't do a great deal of touring, the sports
bike comes first on the list of priorities.

> Besides, who wants to see an old 
> graying guy in one 
> of those funky "power ranger" jackets?  ;-P

Hey, I'd never knock anyone of any age that rides power bikes; and if
you do it's merely sensible to wear the correct kit. I don't dig the
more colourful outfits myself (the "power ranger" reference had me
giggling) but each to their own. The only subset of bikers that has me
shaking my head are the Goldwing crew. I always seem to see them pulled
over on the hard shoulder of the motorway in groups of 5 or 6. They all
seem to be short and paunchy, and wear some kind of CHiPs-style uniform.
Their bikes don't handle well, they don't look good, they're not
economical, and they're so heavy that the poor blighters need a reverse
gear to avoid the embarassment of having to ask assistance from passers
by in case of a car park having a slight slope in the wrong direction.

> Personally, I've always preferred the British bikes; the old 
> Triumph 650 
> Bonneville was _my_ idea of a pretty bike, and I always had a 
> fondness for the 
> Norton Commando.

Now you're talking. When I make some money (*snigger*, I seem to be
wearing that phrase out at the moment) I'll definitely be on the lookout
for a Bonneville 650. I also want ot build a hardtail at some point in
my life. I bought a partially built CB900 hardtail at one point.
Unfortunately my runaround blew up, and I had to sell the chop before I
had completed it in order to get me back on the road. I often regret

> (I never cared for HD much, but I've been 
> hearing they are 
> very comfy.) There is a new bike, (it may be that HD "V-rod" 

Although I may be a bit scathing at times about "Hogs", I must agree
with you on the comfort thing. Having lived in the US several times,
I've always had a yen to do the coast-to-coast run over the course of
about a week on a bike. In this case I might go with HD as I cannot
think of a more comfortable looking bike for such a trek (with the
possible exception of a Goldwing;).


> At this point I'm probably just pulling my wife's chain, (the 
> 'Z' I was 
> talking about was the Nissan 350Z, BTW), but I *am* thinking 
> of treating myself 
> to some kind of 'toy' next year ... and I'd kinda like to 
> max-out the smiles/$ 
> ratio.

I don't know how many $s you're talking about or your personal
preference for getting you hands dirty, but if you can find one a
Bonneville 650 fixer-upper shouldn't knock you back too


> Ho Hum ... Oh well, maybe I'll just get a nice new hot tub 
> and a case of fine wine.

....Playstation 2 and a driving game and you're all set :)


Chris Marsh

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