[thechat] homemade cable tv distribution

Ashok Hariharan listman at hazard0us.org
Mon Aug 4 09:58:32 CDT 2003

It all sounds pretty complicated to me!

>> Also look out:  in the UK, you'd be running a cable
>> TV service without a license.  *Highly* illegal here,
>> you should find out local laws on the subject first.
>absofuckinglutely, I've no doubt it's just as illegal 
>anywhere else.

To my best knowledge, there isn't any law
on cable/satellite tv here..., 
(sat-tv is a fairly recent phenomenon so they 
haven't had time to pass a law yet)

An owner of a tv-set is required by law to 
purchase a license.
(i bought a license just to be on the safe side, 
though i dont know anybody else who's bought 

Though sat-tv company will probably cut you off if 
they find out, is it possible for them to find out 
free-loaders of this kind through their equipment?


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