[thechat] Restaurant toilets

Paul Cowan evolt at funkwit.com
Tue Aug 12 20:26:34 CDT 2003

rudy wrote:
> i remember one club where there was a window at eye level with one-way
> glass -- you could look out into the club while, um, standing, but they
> couldn't see you...

That reminds me of another couple of toilety things.

The best toilet in Australia is in the restaurant on the 35th floor
of the Sofitel hotel in Melbourne's CBD. Picture a toilet with full
glass walls (no-one can see in; you're 35 stories up, remember), looking
out over Melbourne, which is a very flat city (and hence you can see
for miles).

There's a lo-res pic here (down the bottom):

Not sure how you'd be able to recreate that from your 1st-floor
restaurant though, Madhu.

Something else that's cool but no doubt ridiculously expensive:
a restaurant called 'Cargo', in Melbourne's Docklands, has toilet
cubicles with clear glass doors. As soon as you lock them, though,
the door frosts over to opaque white. I assume there's some sort
of LCD-like thing in there, but I've no idea what.

(Actually, I just read that they're $AU15,000 each. Ouch.)

They're not without their problems though: a friend's mother was
there when someone went in, sat down, and didn't lock the door (she
thought it was one-way glass). Much hilarity ensued.


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