[thechat] A question for Issac...

Isaac Forman isaac at bigtrip.org
Fri Aug 22 19:47:55 CDT 2003

> My wife and I were just wondering what the IT job market 
> (specifically the web dev market) is like in Australia. We're 
> considering the option of relocating and were wondering how 
> things looked there.

See what Paul said. I've freelanced (2pax biz) for 5 years and done OK
out of it. Work seems to come our way, but we've put in the years to get
our name and contacts running. Because of my situation, I really don't
know much about IT jobs right now.

I certainly wouldn't move out here expecting a guaranteed job, but there
would be some stuff out there if you had a pretty top-notch skillset or

I would, however move out to Australia just for the weather, cost of
living, etc. As you might know, I'm currently in Scotland, and the
weather is pretty average (even with this being the greatest summer in
the last 20 years or something), the prices are fucking insane, etc. I
certainly wouldn't stick around here to work hospitality longer than I
had to. You earn twice as much working bar back home (even in
Adelaide!), and pay less for food/accommodation, etc.


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