[thechat] Pronounce URL

rudy rudy937 at rogers.com
Mon Oct 6 22:03:46 CDT 2003

> One of the odd things... non-tech people I work with seem unable
> to believe that they can just type in "whatever.com" and get the site

perhaps this is because they've been burned before

for example, the place where i work at the moment, eccc.org, despite my
having told them to fix the problem, the site just isn't there if you don't
type the www

another great example is w3schools.com

here's a longer post about this --

> And no matter how many times I point out to them the advantages of
> using right-click in so many situations, they REFUSE to learn it;

jorah, instead of getting them to right-click, have them use the windows
context key instead

you know, that weird key between the Window key and the Ctrl key just to the
right of the Alt key that's just to the right of the space bar


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