[thechat] The Pianist

Ashok Hariharan listman at hazard0us.org
Tue Oct 21 02:40:01 CDT 2003

Ohhh....the passion, the drama, the action, the strife...... 
...the humanity of it....I love it.

(I know i am one of those cheapo guys who sits on the sidelines 
and claps for a good fight.  But in all fairness, i get kinda caught 
crossfires sometimes...now nursing a split lip...)

>>>This is a discussion list. I'm here to discuss. I couldn't begin to
>>>guess why you are. I try to think about it as little as possible.
>> you shall not have to think about it at all any more
>> i am leaving
>Goodness gracious, everyone has different opinions on everything, do we
>have to act like kids about it?  :(

Ashok Hariharan

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